Photos from my trip to Tennessee.

Here are some photos from the trip I wrote about in the last entry.  Go here if you missed it, and would like to read it now.  Enjoy!

The historic district of Cookeville.  Historic districts are always my favorite parts of town.  They are charming and lovely nuclei retaining the integrity of their origins within the encroachment of box-store-overdevelopment.
Fun graffiti in Cookeville.

The All Natural Farmers Market was small, but wonderful.  There were gorgeous arrangements of organic produce on offer, handmade crafts, breads, and other goods as well as heaters stationed intermittently to keep shoppers warm and comfortable.  I spent some time chatting with the proprietress of Waters Farm.  They had a lovely rustic booth display of some really beautiful produce.  If you ever find yourself in or near Cookeville, TN, I strongly suggest you get your hands on some of this farm’s goods, and your arse to this market!

While the photos do NOT do this place justice, these are a few from the Rock Island State Park trail that we hiked.  This is such an amazing Park, with so much life and vitality coursing through it.  I strongly recommend you plan a trip here immediately.

More fun on the trail …

Scenes from an acupuncture treatment.