Summer of Reinvention

It’s been a minute since I’ve been committed to regular updates on this blog.  I’m glad to be back and sharing my journey once again.  If anyone is out there reading:  Thank you for following along.  If not, well, that’s okay, too.  Writing is an important tool for me to help process and track my personal growth and wellbeing. 

This return to regular posting is part of a bigger life restructuring for me.  After nearly two years of nomadic wandering, I am finally setting down roots for a while.  If I’m honest, it’s long overdue.  But, if I look at the big picture, and get even more honest, all that wandering had to happen to allow my arrival at this place in the present moment.  So, I allow that all the discomfort is worth it.  (Discomfort, after all, is merely an alert that I’m not allowing my desires to be fulfilled.  The alert is what motivates me to make positive change.  It’a a good thing!)

There are a lot of cosmic factors playing into this restructuring, which I’ve dubbed my Summer of Reinvention.  (I’m giving this season this moniker, because I like titles and it gives me a clear theme to work with for a specified time.)  For starters, at my birthday in April, I transitioned from a 9 year to a 1 year.  This is part of the recurring numerology cycles that we experience through life.  The 9 year is a time of wrapping up loose ends, purging the last dregs of what doesn’t serve the higher good, and generally going through a massive inner/outer housecleaning in preparation for the transition to a new cycle.  The 1 year is all about starting over, but with the added wisdom of lessons learned in previous cycles.  There tends to be more clarity, motivation, and momentum in a 1 year.  It’s not always super immediate, though.  I liken it to my favorite quote from The Tortoise and The Hare:  Slow and steady wins the race.  This is time to reorganize, set goals, and set up strategies for how to reach them. 

Astrologically, we are about to enter the eclipse season.  Mars is retrograde.  Jupiter has been retrograde.  Mercury is about to go retrograde.  And undoubtedly, many other transits are conspiring in the heavens.  Since I’m merely an astrological novice, here’s a snippet from one of my favorite astrologers, Charlie Cross ( to explain the current landscape a bit better:

This Thursday’s New Moon initiates Eclipse season, but we’re already in the midst of some strong astrological weather.

Tuesday, Jupiter stations direct after having been retrograde since March. The Sun has been opposing Pluto for a week (which will be exact on the New Moon, and then present for another week), and Mercury has entered its retrograde shadow.

Altogether, there’s the sense that this week is a turning point on a journey that will quickly ramp up in intensity through the next couple months.

This Spring and Summer, Jupiter’s retrograde has had us tuning our navigational compass, questioning our maps and guides. At the end of this process, we ought to feel more mature, less able to be fooled, and ready to jump into a more substantial adventure.

The Sun’s opposition with Pluto is an encounter with the intense, naked truth. It demands that we live authentically, taking seriously our deep sensitivity and discarding that which doesn’t serve us. Pluto offers us riche, if we sacrifice (make sacred) unneccesary compulsions and reclaim that which we’ve pushed to the shadows.

So many star- and planet-fueled energies to aid in my process of reinvention!  Another astrologer, Shannon Gill Jones (, has this to say about eclipse season: 

Eclipse season is a portal time. A time when the universe opens up and showers upon us cosmic seeds of reorganization in a catalyzed fashion in order to wake us up and propel us forward on our evolutionary journey. Expect the unexpected!

So, you can see that there is a lot of cosmic energy supporting this reorganization and reinvention.  And thank goodness, as I will take all the support I can get during this process.

What are some of the ways I’m navigating this process?  I’m so glad you asked!  It’s still unfolding, so I reserve the right to add/delete/change any of this as I go, but for now, here’s a list of the activities and practices I’m using to make this reinvention successful:

  1. Getting clear on what I want.  In high school, I had a fairly clear picture of what I wanted.  I was going to go to college.  I would become a doctor (a neurosurgeon, no less).  I would get married and have kids.  And I’d live happily ever after.  About a year into my time at university, I realized that this dream was no longer true for me.  I was changing, growing.  And that was fine and good.  The problem was that I shifted from a place of knowing what I wanted, to knowing what I didn’t want.  And somehow, I’ve managed to stay stuck in that place ever since.  I wasn’t even aware of it until I started exploring the Law of Attraction in earnest over the past couple years.  It took me a while to wrap my brain around the idea that I was approaching goals (and life) from a negative point of awareness by neither having clarity around what I truly desired, nor what was motivating those desires.  And once I was able to fully understand that, it’s been a slow journey of shifting my perspective toward the positive point of knowing what I do want and what I hope to gain by fulfilling those desires.  I’m still honing my vision, but I have a much better idea of what I’m moving toward in my life – rather than what I’m moving away from.  That leads me to …
  2. Setting specific goals.  I sometimes struggle with setting big goals on paper.  I mean, I enjoy the process of writing the goals, but I often neglect the action steps needed to achieve them, and, therefore, end up failing before I even begin.  So, in lieu of writing out a big list of over-arching goals, I am starting small with some consistent action plans.  I have created a calendar for myself that includes dedicated times for all the things I want to work on during the week.  This includes, of course, the more mundane obligations like going to work, feeding myself, and the like.  But I’m also scheduling time for fitness, writing, working on personal business tasks, cultivating social connections, practicing meditation, and other activities that either excite me or bring me closer to my desired vision for myself.  I may not get everything done every day, but having it laid out for me on my calendar makes me more aware of how I’m spending (or wasting) my time.  It’s gentle, built-in accountability.  And the more I do, the better I feel.  The better I feel, the more motivated I am to keep doing it, and to do even more.  It’s a beautiful snowball effect. 
  3. Enlisting support.  This one has been a fail for me in the past.  I have been historically rotten at asking for help.  When embarking on something challenging, I have a tendency to want to keep it to myself until I have perfected it enough to bypass the embarrassment of the messy beginning stages.  This, of course, is total bollocks.  It’s in the messy beginning stages that I am able to allow myself to be truly vulnerable, to let go of expectation, and to allow myself to make mistakes … mistakes which inevitably blossom into new wisdom and skill.  Without support during these not-so-perfect stages, it is easy for me to give up and fall back into old tried and true patterns.  Without support, I’m more likely to continue down a path that doesn’t serve me – that, in fact, only perpetuates what I don’t want – just because it’s familiar and I’m pretty good at it.  (Again … bollocks!)  So, this summer I’m enlisting the help of others to not only keep me accountable, but help bolster me when I’m feeling discouraged by the lack of competency that inevitably comes with learning new things. 
  4. Investing in myself.  This is yet another area in which I have historically been remiss.  Having been raised a good Southern girl, I often put the needs of others before my own.  And while this can be a fine practice once in a while, it’s very limiting on the reg.  I’ve recently been consciously investing both time and money into my own wellbeing … even against those inner voices that have been spouting refrains from the chorus of scarcity.  “You can’t afford this!” they cry.  “I can no longer afford not to do this!” I reply.  I’ve enrolled in an intensive year-long coaching training course.  I’m doing some health coaching with a mentor to try to correct my D, B12, and Iodine deficiencies.  I’m investing in the supplements needed to correct those deficiencies.  I’m committed to getting more regular bodywork.  I’m making time for physical fitness.  I’m setting a priority around getting enough quality sleep.   I’m starting a women’s circle, which is an investment not only in myself, but in my community.  These are just a few of the ways in which I’m investing in myself.  I hope that more opportunities will arise as I continue down this path.  So far, I’m feeling really good about these investments, and, I suspect, the returns will be even greater than I can imagine.

There it is.  The crux of my plan for my Summer of Reinvention.  May the sharing of my experience serve you in some positive way.  If you have tips, ideas, or thoughts to share, please feel encouraged to leave a comment below.  I love receiving other perspectives!  Until next time …




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