New Year Resolutions – 2017 Edition

It’s January!  My word, but the passage of time seems to move faster and faster in this age of immediacy.  This is one more reason that I am so grateful to be living in a place that keeps a slower pace.  (Thank you, Kanekiki, and thank you, Big Island Hawaii!)

As per usual, I have compiled a list of Resolutions for this fledgling year.  As a reminder, I view Resolutions in what I believe to be a purer view than most tend to do these days.  To make a Resolution simply means to resolve to do something.  It’s basically like making an agreement with myself.  And since the agreement is with myself, I can make the executive decision to allow these Resolutions to change and evolve over time if I’m so inclined.  After all, I will be changing and evolving throughout the year.  Why shouldn’t my Goals?

I also like to remind myself that Resolutions, as I put them forth, are Goals intended to cultivate more bliss, passion, health, and love into my life.  These are not chores.  These are gifts.  Gifts I’m giving my Self.

So, here are my Resolutions for 2017.  There are fewer than in years past.  I think this is largely because I am living a more authentically blissful and healthy life, so I need fewer Goals to bring more of this magick into my life.  And that, to me, shows me that my Resolutions have been working for me.


  1. I resolve to continue to build my personal yoga practice.  Asanas 6 days a week.  Working up to alternating the full Ashtanga primary sequence with the full Sivananda sequence by year’s end + daily pranayama + PT/abs exercises.
  2. Cultivate full and easy lexicon of Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication (“Giraffe” language).  Practice communicating with NVC enough so that it becomes my natural language.
  3. Hike as much of the Appalachian Trail as brings me joy!
  4. Get a reliable, mechanically awesome truck.
  5. Stay low fat, raw vegan all year … joyfully!
  6. Build my Experiments In Bliss business so that it’s both enjoyable and profitable.  Make at least $X/week from online business by year’s end.  Publish three ebooks:  recipe book, raw vegan holidays book, Living in Bliss book.
  7. Meditate daily on love, gratitude, bliss, and/or peace.

That’s it.  Simple and sweet and sure to help me continue to live the most blissful, healthy, abundant, love-infused life ever!

Happy new year, beautiful beings!




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