Experiments in … Creative Expression

I thought I’d offer up a little poem today.  This is both to celebrate the bliss of creative expression, and to act as a nod to my continuation down the path of the Road to Minimalism.  I hope you enjoy it.



digging through the trunks of my past
filled to overflowing
worn out versions of myself
crammed semi-neatly
in the attic, the closet, the garage
dust mixes with humidity
the slimy grime
leaves a residue on my skin
filmy memories cover my eyes
like used contacts
skewing my vision til I can see
the ghosts of my life
all around me
shades of the people, places, experiences
that have touched me
and shaped me
molding me – creating me
so many moments tucked away
trapped in these trunks and boxes
carelessly, or selfishly,
I’d forgotten they were here
wasting reminders that rattle
their chains in my dark quiet places
I know now what is to be done
the time has finally come
a good cleaning is in order
so, gingerly, I pack up these memories
I embrace these old ghosts
and thank them
and release them out into the world
I sweep away the cobwebs
open the shutters
and let the light bathe me
in the promise of new treasures
to come.


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