So, I feel like adding a few notes to bring some clarification to last post’s rant. Feel free to, again, add your [constructive] comments.


I want to make it clear that I am vegan. (Though, I’m pretty sure that was already clear.) I truly believe that a particular style of vegan diet – low fat, high carbohydrate, high raw – is optimal for the human body. (I even believe this when I choose to eat otherwise.)


However, I would absolutely choose to add meat and dairy to my diet as a first option toward treating any dis-ease in my body, rather than jumping directly into pharmaceuticals or surgery. In fact, I’ve done it before. And while I ultimately did not gain overall health improvement from those dietary recommendations, I did gain some valuable information about my body and how it responds to food as medicine. I do not regret that choice. I believe most everyone would do very well to look to diet and lifestyle changes to increase health and decrease dis-ease before looking to pharmaceuticals and surgeries. Vegan, Vegetarian, Carnivore, Omnivore, whatever.


I do regret that the “trusted health professionals” giving me advice during my illnesses in the past did not give me information on the power of diet and lifestyle to create positive and lasting change in my body. Instead they mostly gave me antibiotic drugs that destroyed my body’s own ability to fight the very infections that were plaguing me. Simple diet and lifestyle changes have allowed me to be healthy and free of dis-ease for years now, when in the past I was constantly battling some virus or infection or yeast imbalance or the like. And this has been true for many, many people. It’s not like there’s no evidentiary support for food as medicine. Even if the health care community chooses to prescribe foods that I believe to be problematic for the human body, I still applaud those that choose to prescribe foods over pharmaceuticals and surgery. The folks doing that, though, seem to be an overwhelming minority.


I do also want to clarify that I do believe that there is a time and place for pharmaceutical and surgery intervention. These can be instrumental tools in helping us to heal during extreme situations. I just think we should begin with the least invasive and most Natural ways first.


While I’m at it, I also don’t understand why we are all so freakin’ sensitive about talking about dietary choices. Why are we all so closed to simply hearing about other ways of doing things? (I am NOT immune to this, either … unfortunately. Though I am working on it.) I wonder if it isn’t because the big money industries – meat, dairy, eggs, pharmaceuticals, etc. – AND the vegan (and other non-SAD diet) extremists (PETA, etc.) are creating a rift among the general population by telling folks that anyone who is doing things differently than the way they want it done is flat out wrong and immoral and bad? I am open to being wrong about this, but I believe those in a position of power in our nation have become accustomed to being in power and can use many unsavory tactics to keep that power … especially during times when they are feeling that power threatened. I’m open to your thoughts here.


Having released that previous rant, I now feel more able to have some good constructive dialogue about the state of things.


Thanks for continuing on this ride with me!





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