Experiments in … The Wheel of the Year: Ostara

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Gather round, kiddos! It’s time for another episode of Wheel! Of! The Year!

Wild applause.

Today’s celebration is the Vernal (Spring) Equinox, also known as Ostara or Eostre. Ostara is a Saxon goddess of fertility. Eostre is a Germanic goddess of the Dawn, and, hence, also fertility. Fertility plays a big role in this holiday’s revelries. This is largely due to the fact that The Wheel of the Year is made up of holidays that celebrate the cyclical changes in our Natural environment. With the Vernal Equinox comes the victory of light over dark. Flowers begin to bloom. Trees begin to pollinate. (Thank you bees and breeze.) Animals are giving birth. New life is making itself known all throughout the Natural world. Ergo, we celebrate the evidence of this Natural fertility, this renewal of life.

Ostara is a Natural time to honor new beginnings. Start new projects now. Take action on plans you’ve laid in the darker months. Plant seeds, actual and metaphorical ones. If you haven’t already, take stock of where you are in your life and where you want to be.  Then take solid steps towards cultivating the year, decade, life of your dreams.

Ostara is also a great time to get outside. And to wake up your body/mind/spirit after the long dark Winter season of introspection and stillness. Walk in the woods. Sit in the sun. Do some gardening. Or, if gardening’s not your jam, visit a local botanical garden and spend some time delighting your senses with the emerging buds and blooms that surround you. Do whatever it is that brings you joy, enlivens your spirit, and tickles your senses.

The Equinox is also a time of balance. It is a day in which there is equal representation of sunlight and moonlight, day and night. As such, it’s a great time to explore balance in our lives. Taking some time to meditate on what balance actually means to us, looks like for us, can be especially helpful here. It’s difficult to begin the work of cultivating balance if one doesn’t have a clear idea of what balance is for one, personally. Once you have your clear idea of balance, you can begin working through the challenges that might be keeping you from living in balance already. Then it’s up to you to start creating your shiny new balanced life, knowing that the energy of Ostara will be working with you to help you along the path.

As for my Self, my celebration will definitely involve some time in the woods. I’ve made some new floral-scented facial mist and oil, recently, and I’ve been waiting to charge it with Ostara’s energy for extra potency. I’m also bringing some beautiful spring flowers into my home as a lovely reminder of the bounty that Mama Nature always provides for us. Lastly, per my resolutions, I’ll be creating an entry in my grimoire for this rejuvenating holiday.

However you choose to celebrate Ostara, I hope it’s a beautiful one for you. And I hope this energy of new life and new possibilities permeates your life in the most blissful ways.

Love and light!


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