Resolution Roundup

Resolution Revamp

Argh!  It’s July, already?!?  So much for regular monthly updates.  Luckily for me, that wasn’t one of my resolutions, so I don’t feel tooooo badly about it.  Still, it’s definitely time for a resolution roundup.  Here’s how I’m doing …

1.  Formally Observe the Wheel of the Year.

I’m happy to report that I’m still on point with this experiment.  I don’t always get to celebrate in the exact ways I would like, but, so far, I’ve celebrated every holiday in some way.  And it’s definitely making a beautiful impact on my life.  My connection with the Natural Order is deepening and I’m feeling much more attuned with my relationship to Spirit.

2.  Try Something New.

Just last month I got to take my very first stab at paddle boarding.  It was great fun!  (I’m also in the process of planning a visit to a SUP yoga class.)  I went…

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